As of August 1st, 2019, the majority of IHS Markit’s Technology portfolio (excluding Energy and Power Technology, Automotive Technology, and Teardowns & Cost Benchmarking) has been acquired by Informa Tech, joining Informa’s other TMT research brands including Ovum, Tractica and Heavy Reading. Find out more here.


Market intelligence on 14 technology sectors to optimize your strategy and differentiate your portfolio

Our research areas are organized to make it easier for you to find the information — and related market insights — you’re looking for.

Transformative Technologies都龙卫浴官方网址

In-depth, comprehensive research on the key technologies that are driving digitization, from supply chains to end markets

Automotive Technology龙都国际娱乐官方网站

Insights and analysis, from automotive semiconductors to ground-breaking vehicle technologies.

Building, Home & City Technology龙都娱乐官方网站

End-to-end coverage of smart homes, buildings, smart cities, lighting, alarms, and access control, providing a complete picture of the markets and supply chains that impact building and city evolution.

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End-to-end research on displays, covering the supply chain, materials and components, equipment, touch panels, shipments, pricing, supply, demand and cost modeling.

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Enterprise & IT龙都国际官方微信

Industry research covering enterprise, computing equipment and storage, cloud and IT infrastructure, connectivity and the rapidly expanding Internet of Things.

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Healthcare Technology龙都国际官方网

End-to-end global data and analysis on medical devices and healthcare information technology.

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Manufacturing Technology中山龙都医院官方网

Unmatched, actionable data and analysis on industrial markets, vendors, technology advancements, systems and equipment.

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Media & Advertising龙都棋牌官方下载

Business intelligence focused on the dynamics, strategies and trends of today’s advertising, home entertainment and media markets.

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Mobile & Telecom龙都辣庄官方网站

Exhaustive analysis of mobile networks and innovation, voice and data networks, service provider broadband and video, operators and services, and managed services.

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Mobile, Consumer & Connected Devices中山龙都医院官方网

Exacting coverage of mobile devices, consumer electronics, smart home and appliances, lighting and digital signage.

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Power & Energy Technology济南龙都国际大酒店官方网站

Extensive coverage of the power and energy technology markets, encompassing solar energy, energy storage, smart utilities, power supplies and wind.

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Security Technology龙都佛学院官方网站

Extensive coverage of security technology markets, encompassing access control and fire, cybersecurity, digital ID, critical communications and video surveillance.

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Every facet of the semiconductor industry analyzed in detail, from raw materials and wafer fabrication through forecasts of end market consumption.

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Teardowns & Cost Benchmarking龙都娱乐官方

Benchmarking performance to determine BOM cost and drive electronic device competitiveness.

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